Adore Me

Good morning lovely Monday ☀️ #milkyyellow #mani
So close yet so far away 👊
I love my eyebrow 🐛
Oh so yum! 😋 #favouritesnack #peperoalmond
Dating w/ bff ☕️  (at THIRDWAVE)
20 facts about me 🎀

1. I have a high forehead 😳 
2. I can’t live without my eyebrow shadow & pencil & mascara 🙅
3. No one  would ever believe that I am a 80’s kid. They always thought I am 90’s 😚*fliphairs+暗爽*
4. I used to put on weight until 56kgs w/ my 157cm height! *mygoodness* *小肥婆*
5. I can’t live without my sunblocks!☀️
6. I can’t live without my body lotions every single night!🙈
7. I love brazilian waxing *F.the.pain*😭 
8. I have a really fuzzy & dry hairs which u don’t really see it in my pictures.🙆
9. Perfume & coffee addict 🌹☕️ 
10. I have slim waist *proud* ; huge butt 😳
11. Am a die hard fans of Ms. Audrey Hepburn. She is always my inspiration 💛
12. Fruits, chocolates & ice-cream makes me happy 🍒
13. I like to watch Sherlock Holmes💡 
14. I love bangle, especially jade bangle ☺️
15. I love reading and painting 📚🎨
16. Addicted in vintage 🌸
17. I love Grace Kelly’s wedding gown.
18. I have two dimples ☺️
19. My 男神 : Nicholas Tse, Adam Levine, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Jang Keun Suk. 💕
20. I left my heart in Australia ✈️

Okay, I’m done! Thanks for putting me in your list. Great day y’all ❤️